Territorial Modifications in the Balkans :
Conference of London [May 1913] and Treaty of Bukarest [August 1913]
Map from "Report of the International Commission To Inquire into the Causes  and Conduct of the Balkan Wars" 1914. "The Treaty of London (30 May 1913) ceded to the Balkan allies all territories ' west of a line drawn from Enos on the Aegean Sea to Midia on the Black Sea, with the exception of Albania. It was not only a defeat of the military forces of the Turkish empire, but a defeat of the Austrian dream of Drang nach Osten. ...Austria-Hungary and Italy, rather than see Albania partitioned between Slav states on the north and Greece on the south, had succeeded in blocking Serbian access to the Adriatic by proposing the creation of an autonomous Albania." --quote from: Great Britain. Naval Intelligence Division, Geographical Handbook Series: Jugoslavia, Volume II, 1944, p. 114.